Gearing up for the new season...with a new home for this blog

Announcement: After taking a bit of a hiatus, I'm moving the blog to Facebook and will start posting regularly there. Become a fan to receive updates this football season. I promise I won't disappoint:


Kim Kardashian Likes Football Players

First Reggie Bush, then Dallas Cowboys WR Miles Austin. He's a cutie. People in Dallas are happy about this, as she is kind of like the anti-Jessica Simpson in terms of her luck on player performance.

She's done something to her face, though... isn't she a bit young to have plastic surgery!?!?


World Cup Primers

Friday kicks off the World Cup. I for one am pumped. But I didn't have all the information on which countries made up which groups, the latest gossip with all of the players, and information as simple as what time and what day certain matches were.

Here's a list of the best resources to learn all of this:

BBC: Has a great newsfeed by Group, among other breaking news stories. Screenshot of the microsite is above.

Boston Globe: I just found this great article on the "off-field" news about certain players, etc. A good quick read.

The Guardian: Has an alternative guide to the World Cup. A worldlier view of what to watch for.

And finally, here is the Wikipedia entry for the World Cup 2010. Has some good info on basic rules, etc.

Get excited!!!


Happy Monday

Here's something to cheer you up: hot footie players in their skivvies. Get ready for the World Cup! More to come on that topic - so that you're up to snuff for the U.S.-England matchup on Saturday at 2:30pm EST/11:30am PST.